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8862Form (Rev. December 2021) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Name(s) shown on returnInformation To Claim Certain Credits After DisallowanceOMB No. 15450074Earned Income Credit
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all right so welcome to the podcast Im your host George castellano jr aka mobile tax she says I have a guest here hello Teresa Buddhist yoga thats me hotel cells extraordinaire all-around good person now Im falling Im still working its past tax season right so tax season has been long gone but right I mean if you filed an extension it would get the file for that extent I know right well in this case my aunt came it came to me the last second last day of tax season right she want me to do her taxes father taxes all the information she gave me and apparently yeah it got rejected so we need a file a form 8862 and for whatever for all of yall out there that dont know what a form 8862 is well its its a its its a form that you file for a claim or credit that you claimed one year but then they took it away or they disallowed it right well they would for example they would take it away because he didnt it was an alleged claim it was a like say for example maybe you claimed a child that was not yours or somebody and somebody else claimed him and be like hey I got to prove that justice kid was with me more than half of the year heres my proof oh then we gotta take the money away from this person so this is these are the situations that were dealing with I dont know whats going on I dont know really what happened I reached out to my aunt via text message right shes shes an elderly lady shes like maybe no she has a young spirit about her I love my dia but she may be in her lady with no early sixties live yeah late 50 well maybe well yeah yeah I guess thats not too far of a gap right so me trying to communicate to her through text message and screenshots and emails its quite a challenging yes thats the way quite challenging so anyway I send her a text and I told her well what appears to have happened is that you claim the credit that you should have gotten I was trying to break it down and simple simplest terms right and I so but theres a form that we can fill out that will see if we can get you that credit and she said okay she said okay she didnt deny it she was like she didnt she wasnt like oh no no I didnt I didnt dare yeah yeah yeah she kind of she knew and that we are I mean I knew when I was founder taxes I had that feeling and I was like wow man but I didnt do my due diligence but regardless of the fact I want to try to get her her maximum refund so this form is available for these type of situations so I got the form put up right here in the irsgov right go to the forms section and you just put in the number of form that youre trying to find in this case Im looking for form 8862 it says information to claim certain credits after dis allowance all right this is general instructions future developments whats new reminders right well the purpose of this forum right you must complete form 8862 and attach it to your tax return to claim an Earned Income Credit so thats thats uh-oh theres other like CTC might be a child tax credit some of these are like...
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